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Carl Massaro is a musician, author, and entrepreneur.

Carl Massaro (“Cadillac Carl”) began singing and playing guitar at age 12, starting with folk music such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Lester, Flat, Jimmy Rogers, and the like.


In seventh grade, his junior high school held a “hootenanny” concert in the gym, and Carl sang several folk songs. As it turned out, the main act that day was Flatt and Scruggs. Carl went on to be a barroom crooner and ski bum, drifting from ski town to ski town, eventually ending up in Sun Valley, Idaho at the Crazy Horse saloon.

The new song, She's Got Scary Hair, landed on Apple Radio UK's top 40 chart!
Apple Radio Chart tof Gold



My Years in Triumph: A Search for the Lost Utopia

In 1974, I bought my first piece of America for $7,000. I put $700 down and never looked back. I had big plans. Think big, the rest is just a waste of time. There is nothing a man can't do with a trusty dog by his side. This book is a "look back:" a look back at what happened on an old industrial site up the East Fork of The Wood River, the foundation of the New Sink Float Mill. I was going to clean the mine water and have gardens and a green house. Oh foolish youth - then life happened.

Bright White: What Really Happened in Sun Valley

At the turn of the last century, vast sums of resources were extracted from the Triumph Mine, just a mile or two from what became the world's first ski resort built by New York financiers. These same financiers traded stock in the parent company that owned the Triumph and controlled a raw material that became more important than gold. This is the story of some miners, some skiers, and a few songwriters. It's a story of some regular hard-working Americans caught up in a battle halfway around the globe; a battle that needed Tetra Ethylene Lead to begin. It's a love story, set at a time when life was far simpler and folks made do. Step into the Triumph Mine - it's warm inside this 8,000 foot mountain in winter. When you step out, the whole world looks "Bright White."

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